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Waiting Anticipation. Ready to take action.
Waiter/Waitress Service. Ready to provide some sort of service. Aware of other people needs.
Walking Freedom. Movement. Ask yourself where do you want to go.
Wall Defense. Protection. Seeking privacy and security.
War Conflict. Antagonism. Strategy. Looking for an escape of a problem.
Warehouse Storage of resources. Ready to put away some feelings.
Warrior Challenge. Honor. You are ready to confront your deepest fears.
Wart Ugly protuberance. Unwanted growth. Seeking to look more desirable and attractive.
Watch Time. Limitation. Ready to discover what emotional field surrounds you.
Water Cleansing. Life. Emotions. Ask yourself about your current feelings.
Weapon Violence. Conflict. Defense. Aggression. Seeking more power or fear of it.
Weaving Composition. Construction. You are putting something together.
Web Complex network. Delicacy. You are feeling trap .
Wedding Commitment. Union. Feeling close to someone.
Weed Useless. Unwanted. Feelings of being undesired .
Wheel Energy. Movement. Direction. Ready to accept the great truth.
Widow Loneliness. Solitude and isolation. Sometimes you feel alone.
Wife Partner. Commitment. Eternity.
Wind/Windy Sensory overload. Stimulation. You are feeling overwhelmed and tired.
Window Opening. Opportunity. Feelings of being watched. Need for privacy.
Wine Celebration. Pleasure. Looking for a more carefree attitude.
Winter Confinement. Rest. Disintegration. Ready to rise above something.
Witch Evil. Black magic. Intuition and wisdom. Fear of power.
Wizard Magic. Skillful. Looking for knowledge to increase your power.
Wound Pain. Anger. Ready to heal from past damage.
Wreck Ruined. Disorderly. There is a barrier to progress in your plans.
Writing Communication. Review of your feelings. Record of experience.


X-rays Examination. Invasion of privacy. Dangerous energies. Fear of looking deep under the surface.


Yard Enclosure. Residence. Need to be more aware of your personal space.
Yarn Long story. Binding. Regarding a new creation.
Yelling Pain or enthusiasm. Emotional release. Strong need for expression.
Young/Youth Vigor. Freshness. Need for experience and understanding.


Zodiac Celestial sphere. Archetypes. Seeking ways to relate with your divine nature.
Zombie Death. Automaton. Parts of your greater self are stalking you.
Zoo Exhibition. Your instincts under control.
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