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Ice Frozen state of feelings. Anxiety without cause. Obstacles in business affairs.
Impotent Loss of control. Insecure. Misery and afflictions.
Incest Not ready for sex. Sexually immature. Fear of love.
Injury Damage ready to be repair. Work on old wounds.
Injection Forceful introduction. Need to earn someone or something.
Innocent Passion. Open for new experiences.
Instrument Fun. Relaxation. Creative mind. Peaceful spirit.
Insurance Absence of trust. Security. Fear of loss. Blocking own progress.
Intercourse Union. Release. Pleasure. Creation. Sexuality.
Intrigue Affliction and misery. Treason. Much gossip. Arrogance and despair.
Invasion Forced entry. Attack. Awareness.
Inventor High honors. Creativity. Solutions. Compensation through work.
Invisible Event to come. Anxiety. A warning that something will be discovered.
Invitation Commitment. New opportunities. Ready for change. Quarrels within the family.
Invulnerable Ambition. High expectations. Efficiency. Sturdy to reach some goals.
Iron Rigidity. Endurance. Need to stand firm.
Ironing Need to resolve matters. Quarrels within the family. Conformable home and increasing love.
Island Conscience not clear. Solitude. Escape. Need for space and privacy.
Itch Being bother by feelings from past. Quarrels within friends.


Jacket Conform. Freedom of movement. Seeking liberty of actions. Luck and prosperity.
Jackhammer Breaking up of old structures. Ready for new beginnings. Strong.
Jealousy Work on fear of intimacy. Not ready to show vulnerability. Unpleasant news. Family quarrels.
Jerusalem Sacred place. Protection. Sweet experiences.
Jesus Christ Human aspect of divinity. Salvation. Healing. Good hopes ahead. Consolation.
Jewel Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.
Job Work on fulfillment. Frustrated or satisfied with life.
Journey Mystery. Excitement. Transition from one state to another. Moving towards something.
Judge Decision making. Wisdom. Knowledge. Ready for a decision.
Jump Inconsistent in love affairs. Escape from danger. Adventures.
Jungle Remote. Unexplored. Discovery. Adventurous part tries to emerge.
Jury Change. Wisdom or condemnation. Will overcome difficulties.
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