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Damage Injury. Loss. Ready to restore or replace something.
Dance Joyous participation in life. Movement as transcendence. Success in love. Big prosperity. Change for the better.
Danger Threatening change. Afraid to lose something with the change.
Dark Mystery. The unknown and unformed. A place of fear or of potential. Difficulties ahead.
Daughter Youthful feminine self. Ready to express youthful receptivity. Pleasure and harmony.
Dawn A new beginning. Understanding. Good times coming.
Deaf Work on communication. Wish or fear to hear something.
Death End of a cycle. Something is finally over.
Defecation Elimination. Dumping, especially of garbage from the past.
Deformity Failure of expectation. Disappointment. Seeking perfection in own life.
Demon Image of self-doubt or denial. Something between you and greater consciousness. Negative forces.
Dentist Work of independence and power. Need for strength. Misfortune in love affairs.
Depression Suppressed emotions. Lack of options. Afraid to feel.
Desert Isolation. Retreat. Endurance. Wish to withdraw from something.
Dessert Indulgence. Treats. Needs unfulfilled.
Diet Dissolution of hopes. Self-discipline or punishment. Need to regain control.
Digging Secret revealed. Terrible misfortune. Buried of the past.
Dirt If negative, unclean; if positive, fertility. Discovery of lost valuables.
Diving Plunging into emotional depths. Feelings ready to fathom.
Divorce Domestic happiness. Security. Prosperity
Doctor Mastery over many things. Work on healing. Ready to be healed.
Doll Domestic happiness. Relationship practice. Ready to be more caring.
Door Access. Ready to enter or something to keep private. Happiness and long life.
Dreaming Creating stage. Walking to inner reality. Impossible desires. Emotional sorrow.
Driving Work on energy and power. Looking for the desired destination.
Drowning Going under emotionally. Losing all what you have. Big ruin ahead.
Drunk Total insensibility. Denial. Fear of losing control. Wish to lose control
Dune Timelessness. Mutability. Flux. Part of life constantly shifting.
Dust Aridity. Potential for growth. Attempting to hide wrongdoing.


Earth Matter. Being grounded through nature. Need to connect with the physical world.
Earthquake Soul shaking. Deep levels of change. Difficulties must be overcome.
East Ancient truth. Financial gains. Meditation.
Eating Satisfaction. Pleasure. Happiness is assured.
Eclipse Fear. Looking for the truth.
Education Self improvement. Change for the better.
Elevator Ascension. Increased understanding. Increase in wealth and advancement in position.
Employer Hierarchy. Commitment. Security.
Employment Occupation. Fulfillment. Ready to start or continue.
Empty Unloading. Isolation. Want to get rid of something.
Enemy Troubles. Ready to act. Awareness.
Erection Creative power. Fertility. Looking for a change.
Europe Culture. Old world. Preservation of the past. Wish to continue or save.
Ex-boyfriend Masculine ideal, either integrated or rejected. Something accepted or failed to accept within yourself.
Execute Punishment. Judgment. Ready to forgive or be forgiven.
Exercise Flexibility. Strength. Stamina. Building up. All will be well.
Ex-girlfriend Feminine ideal, either integrated or rejected. Ready to accept or failed to accept within yourself.
Exhaustion Squandered energy. Depression. Debility. Feelings that wish to be avoided.
Explosion Sudden, violent change. Ready to burst forth. Unjustly accused.
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