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Cab Discovery of a secret.
Cabin Domestic troubles. Love affairs.
Cage Imprisoning of dangerous elements. Parts that need to be control or limit. Danger.
Cake Celebration. Sometimes treat, sometimes indulgence.
Calendar Prone to be impatient. Awareness.
Calm Adventures. Tranquility .Feel centered.
Camera Image of experience. Record. Sometimes a means of distancing.
Camping Natural living. Back to basics. Denial of basic needs.
Cancer Out of control. Preservation.
Candle Illumination. Search for something.
Cap Informal. Liberal opinions. Looking to be more tolerant.
Car Personal power. Ego.
Cards Skill and chance. Playing some sort of game. Troubles ahead.
Carpenter Success in financial matters. Overcoming difficulties.
Carpet Protection. Insulation. Sometimes luxury or richness. Ready to expand beyond basic needs.
Castration Denial of sexuality. Limitation of creative power.
Cave Inner or hidden issues. Female sexuality. The past. Change and separation from love ones.
Ceiling Upper limits. Ready to raise some limits.
Cemetery Death. Transformation. Something is finish in your life.
Ceremony Deep commitment ready to make. Formal rite. Ritual.
Chain Bonds. The strength of many. Escape from some difficulty.
Chair Position, style or attitude. Being conformable with something or someone.
Chapel Joy and comfort.
Child or children Innocence. The new self seeking to develop. Part of self nature is childlike.
Chocolates Gratification. Indulgence. Pleasure. Fear to indulge in something.
Choking Restricted communication. Afraid to say something.
Christ Higher consciousness. Salvation. Peace, joy and contentment. Consolation.
Christmas Happy family affairs. Celebration. A wish to be reunited with someone.
Church Big happiness. Being loved by God. Spiritual belief.
Circus Childlike joy. Fantasy. Profusion. Important and beneficial events to come.
City Ambition Civilize order. Culture. Conclusion of hopes.
Classroom Ready to learn something.
Cleaning Restoration of order. Purification. Maintenance. Everlasting friendship.
Cliff Conclusion of affairs .Challenge. Aspirations.
Climbing Aspiration. Growth with effort. Achievement. Unexpected difficulties.
Clock Running out of time. Important business news.
Clothing Identity. Self image. Exploration of new roles or rejection of old.
Clouds Transition. May be dark or light. Moving through confusion.
Coffee Stimulation. Sometimes over-excitement. A need to slow down.
Coffin Containing the end. Ready to bury something. Unpleasant matters.
Coins Small value. Distracted by lesser concerns.
Commune Collective energy. Socialization. Union of beliefs. Looking to join a group.
Computer Facility of communication. High technology. New areas opening.
Concentration camp Fear and hatred of differences.
Concert Unexpected news. Work on harmony.
Constipation Fear of letting go. Holding back something.
Construction Adversity. Hard work.
Contest Competition. Rivalry.
Convent A happy engagement. Spiritual community. Withdrawal from familial and worldly affairs.
Cooking Preparing to nourish in myself or others. Success in love.
Corner No escape. Hidden Unavoidable. Beware of choices. Loneliness and trouble.
Country Natural world. Basic needs and desires. Feeling confined by expectations.
Court Resolution of problems. Conflicts. Fear of judgment.
Crazy Total loss of control. Freedom from responsibility. Afraid to lose something.
Crime Guilt. Shame. Powerlessness. Some inner fear that threatens you.
Cripple Disable. Limitation. Punished for wrongdoing.
Crying Emotional release. Grief. Domestic trials are on the way. Emotions need to be released.
Crystal Essential self. Clarity. Focus.
Curtain Protection. Decoration. Seeking privacy or something to be display.
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