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Sailing Navigating emotional seas. You are starting out on a voyage.
Sale Good value. Fear of taking a good opportunity.
Salt Preservation. Zest. Maybe there is something that you want to enhance in your life.
Sand Barrenness. What prevents your growth.
Santa Claus Childhood. Belief. Getting what you want.
Scar Injury. Past experience. Ready to heal completely from an emotional hurt.
School Discipline. Instruction. You have the skills to resolve a problem.
Scientist Knowledge. Expert. A need for understanding.
Scissors Open and close. Sharpness. What part of your past do you want to open and then cut?
Searching Exploration. Looking for recognition of desires or wants.
Secret Mysterious. Hidden. Ready to reveal yourself or to uncover the truth.
Secretary Work. Help. Affairs need to be organized.
Seed Ancestry. Offspring. A source for a new beginning.
Seizures Convulsion. Loss of control. Extreme agitation. You are afraid of someone or something.
Self-defense Violence. Protection. Seeking for inner strength.
Semen Fertility. Potency. There is something that you are bringing into being.
Senile Deterioration. Declining abilities. Losing interest in things from the past.
Sewer Underground. Secrets. Negativity. Ready to get rid of certain feelings.
Sewing Creation. Repair. A relationship that you want to restore.
Shadow Secret. Ghost. Remnant. Part of your world needs to be illuminated.
Shell Covering. Protection. Seeking freedom from certain structures.
Shock Unexpected blow. Great surprise and agitation. Need for awareness and awakening.
Shooting Destroying aspects of self. There is a deep wound within yourself.
Shopping Options. Necessities that need to be fulfilled..
Shower Release down the drain. You want to get rid of some feelings.
Sick Upset. Unwell. Part of yourself is ready to be healed.
Silver Shiny. Ductile. Highly value. Looking for the worthy part in you.
Singing Happiness. Communication of feeling. Ready to celebrate.
Sinking Beneath the surface. You want to get to the bottom of things.
Sister Family. Fellowship. Fortune .You are aware of your surroundings.
Skating Freedom. Rapid movement with great ease. There is something ready to be move across with ease.
Skiing Physical skill and balance. Ready to enjoy greater freedom of movement.
Sky Celestial. Limitless freedom. Looking for expansion, life without limits.
Sleeping Relaxation and rest. Unconsciousness. False security.
Smell Scent. Intuition based on senses. Ask yourself about a present situation and how does it smell.
Smiling Pleasure. Affection. Joy. Looking for something that makes. you happy
Smoking or Smoke Restricted vision. Cloud. Screen. Looking to hide certain feelings.
Snow Purity. Clarity. You want a fresh start.
Soldier Confrontation. Ready to challenge something.
Son Descendant. Youth. Projection of self. There is something that has been denied to you.
Spanking Punishment. Control. You have to work on some childish rage in favor to grow up.
Speaking Communication. Message. Looking to express yourself.
Spicy Flavor. Seeking more stimulation and intensity in your life.
Sports Fun. Competition. You are playing some sort of game.
Stabbing Violence. Fear of betrayal. Need to be more trusting.
Stage Performance. Presentation. Need for recognition. Ready to show yourself to the world.
Stairs Up or down. Aspirations .Looking to get to certain point against all opposition.
Star Celestial object. Self-luminous. Spiritual awakening.
Statue Image. Recognition. Representation. Need to express yourself.
Store Abundance. Choices. Variety. Seeking new options.
Storm Disturbance. Sudden attack. Rage. There are some forces struggling within you.
Stranger Outsider. Unknown. Mystery needs to be revealed.
String Hold together. Joining. Wishing to tie something together.
Suffocation Restriction. Anxiety. Looking to grow in the right direction.
Sugar Sweetness. Pleasure. Indulgence. Happy future.
Suicide End. Self-destruction. A need to let some things go.
Suit Credibility. Professional identity. Looking for power and recognition.
Sun Life. Energy. Continuity. You are producing something worthy.
Sunrise Horizon. Beginning. Looking for a fresh start.
Sunset Completion of the cycle. Rest. Ask yourself what have you accomplished.
Surgery Healing. Wish to reestablish your well-being.
Swelling Internal pressure. You become filled with an emotion.
Swimming Movement through water of feelings contained by cultural constructs. You are in an emotional state.
Sword Power. Authority. Antagonistic. Need to confront certain situations.
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