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Queen Royalty. Noble aspect of femininity. Ready to express some power.
Quest Search. Adventure. Seeking for an answer.
Question Call for reply. Controversy. Uncertainty. Expression of some doubts about something.
Quicksand Shifting mass. Insecurity. Instability. A need for stronger foundations.


Race Speed. Rush. Missing something by being in a hurry.
Radio Communication. Message. You want to say or to hear something.
Rage Quarrels. Violence. Loss of control. Searching for inner strength.
Rain Release. Feelings are pouring down on you.
Rainbow Colors. Wish. Promise. Happy and joyful times ahead.
Rape Crime. Profanation. Fear of being forced to unite with something.
Rash Quick. Maybe you're acting without forethought or due caution.
Razor Sharpness. Cut. Looking for a clean start leaving the past behind.
Reading Learning. Information revealed. Escape from reality. Something burdens you.
Redhead Vigor. Passion. Need to be more spontaneous and dramatic.
Reef Danger or safety of hidden emotions
Relatives Relationship. There are parts of you that feel the need to be acknowledged.
Repairing Damage or injury. Making amends. Ready to fix a situation.
Restaurant Choices. Nourishment. Changes in favor of your well being.
Reunion Gathering of feelings from the past that need to be recognized.
Rich Valuable. Abundance. Pleasing and satisfying. Seeking security in your feelings.
Ring Commitment. Promise. Security in love.
Riot Destructive conformity and loss of individuality. Need to stand alone for a while.
River Emptying. Flowing and active. Thinking is time to get rid of some feelings.
Road Achievement of something. Direction. Ask yourself about your life's path.
Rock Hard. Petrified. Looking for a source of strength.
Rocket Explosive. Velocity. Free of physical limits. Exploration of your inner space.
Roof Protection. Covering. Ready to break free and expand your limitations.
Roots Support. Origin. A need to become established.
Rope Connecting. Restraint. Looking for more control.
Rose Beauty. Goodness. Perfection. Something is working very well for you.
Running No restraint. Freedom. Distance. There is something that you want to escape from.
Rust Deterioration. Inactivity. Problems that need to be taken care before it's too late.
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