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Keys Solution. Access. Mystery will be solved. Peace and happiness in the home.
Kid Childhood. Innocent. Joy without profit. Warning of family quarrels.
Kidnapped Change in your environment. Loss of independence and freedom. Fear to assume responsibilities.
King Noble aspect of masculinity. Good fortune. Power. Rebellion in own home.
Kissing Affection. Joy. Coming success. Wish to be close to someone. Awareness.
Kitchen Nourishment. Productivity. New developments in life.
Knitting Peace of mind. Productivity. Prosperity in the home.
Knock Be on guard. Opportunities. 
Knots Restriction. Holding together. Complications. Something that you want or fear to tie together.


Laboratory Detached examination. Searching for answers.
Lace Romanticism. Sexuality. Love.
Ladder Reaching upward. Profit. Success. Unexpected good fortune.
Lake Contained emotions. Sense of tranquility or peace. Conformable with present state.
Lamp Light. Searching for something. Mystery unsolved.
Landslide Work on emotional stability. Fear of change. Old survival skills.
Laughing Relaxation. Volatility. Need for spontaneity.
Laundry Cleansing. Purification. Joy and prosperity.
Lawn Life. Prosperity and well being. Relaxation. Break from daily chores.
Leak Wasting time. Filtering few feelings.
Leaves Changes approaching. Cold feelings.
Lecture Communication. Sermonize. Ready to hear or to say something important.
Library Research. Knowledge. Search for answers in the past.
License Change. Dignity and distinction. A change in life will come soon.
Licking New taste. Adventures. Caution before proceeding.
Light Illumination. Vision. Ready to accept reality.
Lightning Sudden vision. High honors. Discord between partners.
Limousine Luxurious power. Ready to be conspicuous in my expression of power.
Limp One-side. Need for balance in life.
Liquor Relaxation. Abandonment. Withdrawal. Used as an escape or change.
Living room Central part of a house. Regarding something important within yourself.
Load Burden. Danger through a secret. Looking to escape.
Lobby Entrance hall. Public space. Ready to reveal something to others.
Lock Confinement. Lock up a secret, a fear.
Lost Out of control and direction. Lacking in confidence somewhere in your life.
Lottery Risk. Chance. Hopping for good fortune and large benefit at a little cost.
Lover Vanity. Pleasure. The idealized inner self.
Luggage Taking something with you. Ready to leave behind the past.
Lust Eagerness for possession. Unfulfilled in life and need to be satisfied.
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