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  Color in your dreams and what does it mean...
Beige Everything related with this color denotes neutrality and detachment. There is absence of communication.
Black Black signifies isolation and transition period. It shows up conflicts and friction with relations and friends.
Blue This dream denotes a great source of inner peace and a symbol of contentment.
Brown This is an auspicious color to dream about:signifies freedom, success, money and happy and long-lasting union.
Gray Related with a transition period. If clear signifies peace but if dull signifies, fear.
Green Growth and serenity. There are projects which you are enthusiastic about. Great pleasures from simple things.
Orange The color orange in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life.
Pink Associated with tenderness and love. You can expect interesting developments in relations with opposite sex.
Purple Great aspirations and understanding of visible and invisible realms. Take advantage of your creativity.
Red This is an indication of great passion and sensitivity in your emotional relationships.
Turquoise Normally indicates new opportunities and the successful completion of projects. Sign of good luck.
White People feel they can rely on you. You have an abundance of energy and vitality.
Yellow This color is a sign of confidence in yourself and your abilities but will encounter opposition.


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