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  Body parts in your dreams and what do they mean...
Ankle Support and direction. Difficulties followed by success later. A friend is trying to help you secretly.
Anus Elimination. It portends quarrels, disappointments and disagreeable companions.
Arm Strength. To dream of seeing an arm, means victory over enemies but family quarrels.
Back Unconscious. Jealous people are against you and there is opposition in love.
Blood Essence. Life energy. Unfortunate love affairs. Severe disappointment.
Bones Structure. Evidence. Support. Poverty and death.
Brain Intellect. Mind and reason. Great knowledge will bring good result in affairs.
Breast Female sexuality and maternal love. You will have true and loyal friendship and success in love.
Buttocks Humility and stupidity. Also power. You need to forgive someone.
Cheeks Long life. Good health. Will be love very much.
Chest Fullness of life. Generosity. You are having a peaceful time and general prosperity.
Ear Receptivity. Trouble from unexpected source but big success with an intimate friend.
Eye Vision. Consciousness and clarity. You will have a pleasant and profitable business and a congenial companion.
Eyelashes Protection of vision. Allure. You are being cheated by friends. Postponement of success.
Face Identity. Ego. Self-image. This dream denotes displeasure with yourself and warnings of someone working secretly against you.
Finger Sensitivity and awareness. It denotes great spiritual research and restless efforts to reach the pinnacle of your ambitions.
Fingernails Glamorous and functional. You feel ready to handle undesirable situations and to avoid ambitious plans beyond power to accomplish.
Foot Basic beliefs. Direction in life. You should mend your ways in life otherwise you will suffer from your foolishness.
Hair Attraction and sensuality. If you dream of hair means that you are careless in your personal affairs and will lose advancement by neglecting mental application.
Hand Capacity and competence. Expect big work ahead, meanwhile must take better care of own affairs.
Head Intellect. Understanding. It denotes threatened misery and loss that will be avoided by wise action.
Heart Love and security. Happy love affairs and successful future. Dignity and distinction.
Hips To dream about hips denotes pleasant work and good news. Hip being injured means misplace confidence in mate and large losses to the family.
Intestines They signified unfavorable results in own affairs, probably loss with much displeasure and family quarrels.
Jaw Relentless anger. Willpower. You have conquered initial difficulties but you are having disagreement with lover.
Joint Connection .Joints are associated with favorable things. Happiness and domestic joy. Change for the better and plenty of money.
Knee Flexibility. Humility. To dream of knees denotes sickness and humiliation. It also means dissatisfaction and complaints of those in the home, and separation of lovers.
Leg Is associated with support and movement. Joy and happiness.,but an injured leg denotes unprofitable occupations.
Lips Message. Communication. You have many advantages and will have mastery over many matters.
Liver Sluggishness and bad feelings. This dream denotes unpleasant times and inability to attain comforts that are necessary to those looking to you for subsistence.
Lungs You need to find in what ways are you ready to expand outside your normal life because up to now there was only disappointment in desires.
Mouth Nourishment. New attitudes. You will soon have news from interests you are anxious over.
Muscles Strength. You have the power to overcome emotional sorrow but beware of new friendships.
Neck To dream about any neck, denotes your present feelings of jealously and resentment. It involves emotional problems involving a friend or relative.
Nose Instinctive knowledge. It reflects great powers of imagination and creativity, but also difficult relations with a partner.
Penis Male sexuality. Power. You have lots of energy to spare and now would be a good time to take action on a project you have been planning for some time.
Shoulders Strength or burdens. Although you may be cheerful at the moment, there are problems and worries around the corner. Fortunately they will resolve themselves.
Skeleton Internal structure. Support. You feel disconnected or falling apart in parts of your life. It can also suggest a lack of trust in someone close to you.
Skin This dream is related with sensitivity. Keep calm and think carefully before you make any major decisions.
Stomach Digestion of information. Understanding. It indicates tendency to laziness. You need to keep a close check on your health.
Teeth Normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.
Thigh Associated with power of movement. You should watch out for malicious gossip and it also shows that your behavior is being irrational.
Throat It shows considerable powers of imagination and signifies a successful venture.
Tongue A tongue is related with pleasure and new experiences. Is a sign of future professional success.
Vagina Associated with female sexuality and receptivity. You are about to begin a period where fortune smiles on you in everything you do. You are enthusiastic about a new acquaintance or connection.


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