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Abandon Will live a long life. Isolation. Leaving behind an old self. Release from control of the old self.
Abduct Good future ahead. Mystery will be solved.
Abortion Loss of the new. Failure to nurture. Happiness in the family.
Above Higher self. Greater understanding or knowledge. Will receive good news.
Abroad Unsettled mind. Changes in present conditions.
Abundance Big success soon. A mystery will be solved. Approaching money-making opportunity.
Abuse Warning of troubles. Fear-induced violence.
Abyss Vast depth. Infinity. Difficulties ahead of you.
Accident Unexpected change. Upset. Life being threatened.
Accuse Beware of scandal. Danger and misfortune.
Ache Beneficial events. Successful trip. Prosperous business.
Addict Obsessive need. Lack of control.
Adopting Increased responsibilities. Financial gains.
Afternoon Good profits in business.
Age Approaching illness. Being deceived. Death in the family.
Agony Long life. Recovery from an illness.
Agreement If good agreement, harmony or commitment. If bad, compromise.
Air Success. Happiness.
Alarm Big changes. Troubles ahead.
Alcohol Relaxation. Indulgence. Freedom from responsibility.
Alien Distant, strange, or unrecognized.
Allergy Good news. New friends. Fortune in present enterprise.
Alley Hiding something. A narrow or secret way. Gossip.
Altar Discovery of lost money. Holiness. Big sacrifice.
Ambulance Financial troubles .Rescues. Recovery from an illness.
Amputate Healthy life. Loss of a friend or relative.
Anal sex Submission. Union without results.
Ancestor Inherited traits. Minor illness to come. Fortune ahead.
Anchor Good fortune. Security and stability.
Angel Compassion. Revelation. Success in love.
Animals-domestic The natural self tamed by civilizing values.
Animals-wild Natural, untamed self. Freedom from civilization.
Antiques Long life. Inheritance is foreseen. Age. Survival value.
Anxiety Overcoming enemies. Happiness. Good health.
Apartment A part of the total house of self. Avoiding rivals.
Apology Happiness in love. Overcoming enemies. Change of companionship.
Apparition Will receive good news. Luck and prosperity.
Appetite Loss of relatives. Health problems. Loss of money. Danger.
Applause Recognition. Acclaim.
Arch Wealth and advancement. Fulfillment of aspirations.
Archaeology Rediscovery of the past.
Architect Work on design of new self or identity.
Army War within the family.
Arousal Stimulation. Availability.
Arrest Misfortune is near.
Arrow Hitting the mark. Cupid's dart. Painful realization.
Art Image of reality. Honor. Value. Creativity.
Artist Success will be yours. Creative display.
Ashes Loss of something through carelessness. Remains.
Assault Good information will be given to you. Monetary gain. Family quarrels.
Asthma Loss of emotional security. Financial gain.
Astrology Loss of money or death.
Athlete Physical work. Strength. Skill. Honor.
Attic Higher consciousness. Memory. Prompt engagement.
Attorney Unexpected good news. Resolution of conflict.
Avalanche Catastrophic release of unexpressed emotions. Confronted by obstacles.
Awaken On guard against coming troubles.
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