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Package Expectation. Mystery. Secret will be reveal. Looking for something.
Pageant Public spectacle. Competition. Appearances.
Pager Availability. You feel that part of you is always on call
Pain Sickness. Unhappiness. Conflict. There is a problem that hurts.
Painting Creation. Joy without profit. Transformation. Wish for a change or improvement of some sort.
Palace Royalty. Splendor. Pleasures of short duration. Potential that needs to be fulfilled.
Panties Private self. Sexual identity. Hidden feelings that are ready to be expose.
Parachute Rescue. Fall. Descend. Way to get to certain point. Escaping from something.
Parade Festive occasion. Display. Ready to show yourself as an important being.
Paralysis Loss of sensation. No change or growth. You are not ready for a big move.
Paranoia Persecution. Obsessive fear. Afraid of your own feelings.
Parasite Abuse. To take advantage. Need to defend yourself.
Party Celebration. Festivity. Pleasure. Want to participate in a common activity.
Passport Identity. Traveling abroad. Looking to expand and explore.
Path A need for change in your course of action or conduct.
Peak Greatest development. Success. Ambition. Ready to reach that point.
Pearl Beauty. Purity. Value. You treasure something that is important to you.
Pedestal Support. Position of esteem. Who do you look up to?
Penis Male sexuality. Copulation. Power. Need to express some power.
Performing Function. Fulfillment. You want recognition for an achievement.
Perfume Pleasing feeling. Sensuality. Indulgence. Seeking some pleasure.
Pet Amusement. Companionship. Reevaluation of your object of affection.
Phantom Ghost. Illusion. Desperation. Go back to reality.
Photograph Image. Record. Past. The way you see the world.
Pier Security. Protection .Looking for support.
Pill Medicine. Relief. A necessary change inside yourself.
Pillow Rest. Conform. Looking for more intimacy with your partner.
Pilot Conductor. Guidance. Direction. A need for more freedom of movement.
Plague Suffering and pain. You feel annoy about something.
Plane Movement across great distance. Freedom. Changes towards new directions.
Planets Celestial body. Maybe out of harmony with heavenly power.
Plants Growth. Nature. Life. Let the natural process flow freely.
Platform Position. Stage. Triumph. A need to show the real you in front of others.
Playing Amusement. Joy. Free movement. Need for fun and carefreeness.
Poison Injury. Harm. Destructive actions or thoughts. There is something that no longer nourishes you.
Police Order. Control. Support. Seeking order but fear control.
Poor Inferior. Limited expression of resources. Undernourished. Ready to develop something.
Pornography Work on intimacy. Anonymous sex. Afraid to expose part of yourself.
Praying Seeking help. Communion. Need to surrender somewhere in your life.
Pregnancy New life. Creative. Inventive. Prepared to produce something.
Priest Spiritual well being. Release. There is something that you need to forgive.
Prince Royalty. Noble aspect of self. Self admiration and satisfaction.
Prison Punishment. Lack of freedom. Confinement. Ask yourself what have you done wrong and need to correct.
Procession Continuity. Order. Ceremonial march. Beliefs that are ready to be formalized.
Pruning Remove the superfluous. Growth. You need to cut away old stuff.
Psychic Extraordinary. Intuition. You are seeking limitless awareness.
Purse Wealth and resources. Security. Feminine self. You are feeling some financial discomfort.
Pyramid Monument. Ancient knowledge. Seeking awareness with greater consciousness.
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