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Face-lift Repair of self image. Vanity. Renewal. Part of identity ready for a make-over.
Factory Organization. Structure. Congenial work and good news.
Fair Social activities of a happy nature. Change for the better.
Falling Loss of honor. Fear of failure. Loss of power and feeling out of control.
Family Kin. Group. Prosperous times ahead.
Fat Protection. Sensitivity. Safety. Ready to lose some fears.
Father Authority. Control. Guidance. Recognition. Happiness. Virtue.
Faucet Control or release of emotions. Feelings being turn off and on.
Fax Contraction of space-time. Ready to communicate instantly.
Fear Unexpressed love. Self-doubts. Courage.
Fence Boundary. Separation. Where differences meet.
Fetus Potential. Conceived but not yet brought to birth. Wishing to produce something.
Fight Violent resolution. Release of energy. Building or releasing conflicts.
File Records. Organization. Mystery will be solved. Put things in order.
Film A means of distancing from events. Observation of own life.
Finding Discovery. Realization. Infidelity.
Fire Spirit. Energy. Unpolluted and cleansing. Need to be inspired or renewed.
Fireman Protective masculine aspect of self. Need to be rescue or want to rescue.
Fishing Seeking underneath or inside for nourishment. Mystery solved.
Flag Patriotism. Honor. Identification. Success in own undertakings.
Flame Inspiration. Intensity of emotion. Need to release a feeling.
Flirtation Affection of love. Intimacy. Suitable time to pursue a courtship.
Flood Overflow of emotion. Postponement of success.
Floor Foundation. Need to create some stability.
Flower Beauty. Happiness. Pleasure. Blossoming.
Flying Combination of control and freedom. Power. Success in all enterprises.
Food Pleasure or greed. Nourishment. Fortune in love affairs.
Foreigners Discovery of lost valuables. Expansion of self into unfamiliar realms.
Forest Natural forces. Social activities of a happy nature. Ready to explore.
Fountain Freedom of emotional expression. Release. Happiness and long life.
Free or Freedom Independence. Release. Ready to liberate part of yourself.
Friend Joy and consolation. Aspect of self ready for integration.
Frozen Preservation. Restraint. Feelings need to be resolve.
Funeral The end or death of something. Confrontation with pain.
Furniture Identity. Attitudes. Abundant means.
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