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UFO Distant realms. Possibilities. The unknown. Ready to explore the unknown.
Ugly Offensive .Fear. Ready to confront your doubts or fears.
Umbrella Protection. Seeking shelter from emotional storm.
Under Covered. Restraint. Secrecy. You are loosing strength or power.
Underground Hidden feelings. Keeping a secret.
Underwater Submersion in emotion.
Undressing Nakedness. Exposure. Ready to reveal your true inner self.
Unicorn Mystery. Ready to understand your animal nature and your spiritual essence.
Uniform Identical. Conformity. Need to identify yourself with others or to break free of rules..
Universe Collective identity. Wholeness. You feel complete in all aspects of your life.
University Higher learning. Professional. Aspirations. Willing to put effort to achieve some knowledge.
Upside down Overturned. Confusion. Great disorder. You want to straighten something out.
Urinating Release. Embarrassment at emotional release. Need to clear some feelings.


Vacation Rest or relaxation. Freedom. Looking for a change or maybe some adventures.
Vaccination Immunity. Protection. Afraid of something.
Vacuum You are in a state of emptiness. Loss control.
Valley Life. Protection. Growth. Feeling conformable with the present situation.
Vampire Extortionist. Bloodsucking. You fear your own feelings.
Vase Display. Holding feelings.
Vegetables Health. Good nourishment. Natural. Need to be more down to earth.
Vehicles Transportation. Movement. Looking for a medium to get where you want to be.
Veil Screen. Secrecy. Mystery. Privacy. You are hidden from something.
Velvet Smoothness. Luxury. Feeling vulnerable in your life..
Veteran Experience. Knowledge. You will survive a conflict.
Volcano Ejection. Release. Seeking to clear repressed material of your unconscious.
Volunteer Free will. Initiative .Intentionally looking for change without a guarantee of reward.
Vomiting Discharge. Release. Need to throw up thoughts and feelings that upset you.
Voyeurism Safe distance from desires. Fear of being discovered.
Vulnerable Unprotected. Penalties. Need for a safe position or control over something.
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