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Table Place of activity. Workplace. Ready to start with your plans.
Talking Conversation. Communication. Seeking for a way to express something.
Tattoo Scar. Something permanent. Display. Something dangerous from past is hunting you.
Teacher Knowledge. Skills. Ready to learn something by example or past experience.
Teddy bear Trust. Protection. Companionship. Learning to trust somebody.
Telephone Remote locations. Connection. Trying to reach someone or something.
Television Movement. Images. Virtual reality. There is something that you wish to observe.
Temple Worship. Sanctuary. Soul. Looking for inner peace.
Terror Overpowering fear. Violence. Supremacy. Suffering from a loss of trust.
Terrorism Intimidation. Violence. Feelings of power being thwarted and frustration.
Test Examination. Proof. Knowledge. Abilities being challenged.
Theft Lack. Need. Judgment. Fear of wishing for something that you can't have or don't deserve.
Thorn Sharp. Pain. Discomfort. Afraid to go through the pain of ending something.
Ticket Admission. License. Looking for change and excitement.
Time Irreversible. Continuity. Arrival or departure of feelings. Organizing your inner self.
Tires Movement. Shock absorption. A need to smooth some of your ways.
Tombstone Legacy. Monument. Looking for recognition and ways to be remembered.
Tools Work. Occupation. Concern about productivity in your life.
Topless Display. Exposure. Self confidence. Ask yourself how do you exhibit love.
Torture Pain. Looking to stop whatever it is that has been tormenting you.
Toys Amusement. Youthful play. Ready to enjoy a more carefree life.
Traffic Connections. Dealings. Movement. Chaotic power. Need to go someplace.
Train Followers. String. Connections. Be aware of present changes in your life.
Travel Journey. Freedom. Change. Change in attitude.
Treasure Wealth. Valuable. Missing something important for you.
Trial Conflict. Resolution. Need to test some boundaries.
Triangle Connection. Dynamic power. You are developing power by integrating internal opposition.
Trusting Confidence. Belief in yourself. Need for self-acceptance.
Tumor Negative growth. Need to release an old pain.
Tunnel Passage. Ordeal. Need for light to lead you on.
Twin Mirror image. Duality. Problems with identity.
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