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Baby Happiness. Rebirth. Trust.
Back door Changes in life. Family arguments. Approaching money.
Baggage Opinions. Attitudes. Material goods and responsibilities.
Bakery Prosperity and success. Profits in business ventures.
Balcony Seeing or being seen. Financial gains. Big love.
Bald Sexual issues. Wisdom. Serious illness is in sight.
Ball Integration. Wholeness.
Ballet Infidelity with lover. Warning of troubles. Discipline grace. Culture.
Balloon Inventive mind will cause disappointment. Lightheartedness.
Bandage Protection .Desire for healing. Good times are coming.
Bank Preservation of resources. Sudden loss of money.
Bankrupt Avoid speculation. Business needs immediate watching.
Bar Relaxation. Indulgence. Irresponsibility. Pleasure. Guilty of foolish actions.
Barefoot Postponement of success. Never lasting love. Dishonor in social life.
Barking Take the advice of friends. Not to take business risks. Beneficial event to come.
Barn Will win a law suit. Inheritance.
Baseball Future prosperity. Disappointment in love. Divorce ahead.
Basement The unconscious ready to be seen.
Basket Good business to ventures. Plenty of money. Pliability and craftsmanship.
Bath Cleansing. Release. Anxiety.
Battle Will be persecuted. Will enter into risky ventures. Conflict. Struggle.
Beach Where conscious and unconscious meet.
Bear Possessive love. Will receive bad news.
Beard Authority. Power. Wisdom.
Beaten Unhappiness in home relations. Loss of money.
Bed Retreat from activity. Rest.
Bedroom Changes in own affairs. Concealment of family secrets.
Beer Small business loss.
Begging Misfortune within the family. Will receive a legacy.
Bell Signal. Recognition. Celebration. Quarrels and seduction.
Belly Health and joy. Beware of untrue friends.
Belt Holding up. Securing. Linking. Approach of a love affair.
Bestiality Union with animal passions or instincts.
Bible Family troubles to come soon. Joy without profit.
Bicycle Self-propulsion. Recreation. Will have to make an important decision.
Big Inflated. Generous. Riches and honors. Abundance.
Bigamy Assurance of a happy life. Approaching money.
Bikini Exposure. Display. Revealing.
Birds Family happiness. Prosperity. Liberation from weight of physical plane. Freedom. Escape.
Birthday Celebration of new beginnings. Good results in financial matters.
Blanket Improvement of conditions. Comfort. Security. Warmth.
Blind Jealously and sorrow. Unseeing. Unaware.
Blond Glamour. Artifice. Frivolity.
Boat Movement across the depths of feelings. Will attain aim in life.
Body Happiness. Good business ventures. External form of internal nature.
Bomb Explosive energy. Serious disaster ahead.
Bondage Restriction. Forceful limitation.
Book Information. Guidance. Record keeping.
Boots Power of movement. Vigor. Small amount of good business.
Bottle Full bottle: Prosperity. Empty bottle: Misfortune.
Box Want to keep something safe. Enclose. Contain.
Boy Young power developing. Increase in the family.
Bra Expression of femininity. Private self. Temptation approaching.
Bracelet Early and happy marriage. Binding. Commitment.
Bread Success, wealth and honor. Sustenance. Share resources. Uniting.
Brakes Feeling secure with power. Control of slowing movement.
Bride Feminine receptivity. Ready to receive.
Bridge Connection. Overcoming problems. Change in business occupation.
Brother Fellowship. Expect quarrels. Masculine aspect of self.
Brunette Sultry. Natural. Practical. Down to earth.
Bugs Minor problems. Inconveniences.
Bull Fertility and strength. Rage. Incites passion.
Burial Return to earth. Ready to lay to rest.
Burning Consuming energy. Fiery release. Being passionate towards something.
Buy Average success. Good luck. Compensation. Reward.
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