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Ranking of Best & Worst Dogs for Security

According to professor Stanly Coren, author of
The Intelligence of Dogs


Top Dogs for Security Work

Listed from most to least effective according to territorial sense, aggressiveness, bulk, strength, courage and resistance to counterattack.

Rank Breed
1 Bullmastiff
2 Doberman Pinscher
3 Rottweiler
4 Komondor
5 Puli
6 Giant Schnauzer
7 German Shepherd
8 Rhodesian Ridgeback
9 Kuvasz
10 American Staffordshire Terrier
11 Chow Chow
12 Mastiff
13 Belgian Sheepdog
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Tervuren


Top Dogs for Watchdog Barking

Listed from most to least alert. All these breeds are excitable and will bark vigorously at the presence of an intruder or in most situations that they think are out of the ordinary.

Rank Breed
1 Rottweiler
2 German Shepherd
3 Scottish Terrier
4 West Highland White Terrier
5 Miniature Schnauzer
6 Yorkshire Terrier
7 Cairn Terrier
8 Chihuahua
9 Airedale Terrier
10 Poodle (standard/miniature)
11 Boston Terrier
12 Shih Tzu
13 Dachshund
14 Silky Terrier
15 Smooth Fox Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier


Dogs Least Likely to Succeed at Watchdog Barking

Listed from least to most alert. These breeds are the least likely to bark at the presence of an intruder. Will generally remain quiet and not disturb no matter what is going on in the vicinity.

Rank Breed
1 Bloodhound
2 Newfoundland
3 Saint Bernard
4 Basset Hound
5 Bulldog
6 Old English Sheepdog
7 Clumber Spaniel
8 Irish Wolfhound
9 Scottish Deerhound
10 Pug
11 Siberian Husky
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